Southmost Realty, Appraisals & Court Expert Witness provides Real Estate Appraisals, Consulting, And Brokerage Services, and Litigation Support Services (expert witness testimony) in the following (but not limited) categories:

Some Illustrative Examples are:

 1. Apartments

2. Appraisals for bankruptcy

3. Appraisals for immigration & divorce

4. Arbitration Expert Testimony

5. Bankruptcy Valuations

6. Business Appraisals

7. Buyer Assistance Services

8. Commercial Appraisals

9. Complex Valuation Assignments (high value properties, unique properties, mixed)

10. Condo Properties

11. Confidential – discreet appraisals

12. Complex commercial Appraisals

13. Convenience store Appraisals

14. Convenience Stores & Retail Fuel Properties

15. Conventional Loan Appraisals

16. Construction defects based on market value damages

17. Defaults

18. Deficiency Judgements

19. Development Appraisals and/or consulting service

20. Divorce Purposes valuation and consulting

21. Due diligence analysis

22. Easement Appraisals

23. Eminent Domain Condemnation Appraisals and/or Valuation Litigation Defense Services

24. Expert Court Real Estate Valuation Testimony

25. Estate settlement services

26. Extraordinary Assignment Based Appraisals and “as is” and “as repaired” valuations

27. Feasibility Analysis

28. Foreclosures

29. FHA Appraisals

30. Foreclosed Properties

31. Forensic Appraisals

32. Health care facilities

33. Highest and Best Use Analysis

34. Historic Properties

35. Home Equity Loans

36. Housing & Construction Defect Attorneys

37. Hotel/Motel Valuations

38. Hypothetical Assumption based Appraisals

39. Income Producing Properties

40. Individual Condominium Unit Appraisals

41. Industrial Property Appraisals

42. Insurance claims appraisal disputes

43. Investment Properties

44. Land Valuations

45. Leasehold Improvement Valuations

46. Litigation Expert Witness Appraisals

47. Market Research

48. Mediation Appraisal and/or Consulting Services

49. Medical facility properties 50. Mixed use properties

51. New mortgage appraisals

52. Partial Interest Appraisals

53. Personal Property Appraisals

54. Pre-foreclosure (default) appraisals

55. PMI (private mortgage insurance) removal

56. Probate purposes appraisals

57. Property tax protest

58. Proposed construction consultant

59. Purchase price allocation

60. Ranches

61. Real Estate Appraisal Consulting Services

62. Real Estate Damages Appraisal

63. Real estate litigation Appraisal

64. Recreational Vehicle Park Appraisal

65. REO Appraisals

66. Refinance appraisals

67. Relocation purposes appraisals (ERC appraisal forms)

68. Residential Real Estate Appraisals

69. Restricted use (scope of work) type of “appraisal reports”

70. Retrospective Appraisals

71. Reverse mortgage Appraisals

72. Review Appraisals – desk and field reviews

73. Religious facility Appraisals

74. Rural Property Appraisals

75. Seller assistance short sales services

76. Self-storage facility Appraisals

77. Shopping center Appraisals

78. Single Purpose Properties

79. Small Residential Income Property Appraisals

80. Social Security property valuations

81. Special purpose properties

82. Subdivision Analysis Appraisals

83. Support real estate litigation services for attorneys and accountants

84. Tax assessment protest services

85. Tax credit purpose properties (for internal revenue services)

86. Townhouse valuations

87. Uniform Residential Reports

88. Unique Properties

89. Valuation of Self-Storage Facilities

90. Valuation for financial reporting Appraisals

91. Wealth-management valuations

Please feel free to contact us with questions or use our order form located at to send in a request for your house appraisal or commercial appraisal.

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