Property Tax Protest​

Texas' Property Tax System Is Bad -- It's About To Get Better

For over forty years we here at Southmost Realty Appraisals & Court Expert Witness has provided a thorough and effective property tax consultation services to reduce Texas property tax payments and save our clients’ money. Our service area includes all the State of Texas. We are equipped to handle the entire appeals process for clients, from filing the notice of protest, to informal or Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings, and even judicial review or third-party arbitration. Southmost Realty Appraisals & Court Expert Witness provides our clients with the most effective and efficient property tax consultation services offered in Texas. We pride ourselves in saving clients thousands of dollars in property taxes on commercial and residential properties, and our high success rate in reducing property tax for our clients. Our success stems from our expertise in reducing tax liability for real estate owners and investors and is enhanced by our actual Expert Witness Litigation program and extensive appraising services. We get satisfaction by helping the owners in part because we’ve worn their shoes and have a full understanding that a reduction in real estate taxes simply increases the bottom line of their operating statement.