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External Location Factors That Could Hurt Your Investment
September 8th, 2015 8:29 AM
External Location Factors That Could Hurt Your Investment
Here are just a handful of examples that I think can have a NEGATIVE effect on sales price and potential buyers:
Properties that have high (power lines) voltage electrical power lines
Properties that have large wind mill turbines
Properties that will be affected by highway expansions
Property located on a busy road (double yellow, or divided highway)
Property that backs up to a shopping center
Property that backs up to a high crime housing development
Property in close proximity to a busy road or freeway (noise)
Property in close proximity to industrial sites
Property near areas with interesting smells (pastures, chicken houses, water treatment plants, paper mills, stagnant water, landfills, etc.)
Property next to abandoned or dilapidated properties
Property near train tracks
Property located in flood zones
Properties that have or will have Easement running through the property 
Properties next to cemetery
While some of these are obvious deterrents, it’s still important to remember their potential effect on your selling price when considering a property in one of these areas. It’s not to say that you can’t buy a property in an area with a negative external factor; it’s that you need to take it into account when you evaluate the deal and consider your sales price and holding time. Doing so can potentially save you from making a bad investment or at the very least, set your expectations appropriately regarding potential profit.
What about you? What kinds of external factors have you found that have hurt the sale of one of your properties?
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