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October 10th, 2019 10:41 AM

A few Benefits of using Drones in Real Estate and Appraisals This YouTube footage/video was done using our drone known as the Yuneec - Mantis Q Drone to provide a statement. One of our sample videos is as follows:



*Drones are relatively new, however, very popular, technology in the commercial and residential sector. Residential and Commercial real estate as well as in appraising is one area that have several substantial benefits.

Drones can survey potential sites and conduct inspections quickly, increasing the efficiency of site selection, inspections, regular maintenance and more.

Real estate as well as Appraising and or Litigation will continue to use them for a variety of reasons. providing many benefits If you’re investing in Residential and commercial real estate or are otherwise involved in the sector, you should definitely consider investing in a drone.

For credits and additional reference, narrative and disclosure; click below:



Note: The above video is a “partial sample” of one of our drone videos that is, in this instance, one strategic element used in a Litigation Case that involves a major Insurance Company. The strategy was developed via collaboration with Southmost Realty, Appraisals & Court Expert Witness and a well-known local Attorney/Law Firm. For additional information click here: and/or call 956-412-1357 or email us as

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