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    Southmost Realty, Appraisals & Court Expert Witness provides Real Estate Appraisals, Consulting, And Brokerage Services, Litigation Support Services (expert witness testimony) in the following (but not limited) click here for other services.

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    a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person's background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something.

    Southmost Realty, Appraisals, & Court Expert  Witness offers a variety of services such as but not limited to:  

    Eminent Domain: 

    the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

    Court Expert Witness: 

    When dealing with a real estate property issue or contractual agreement among buyer and seller, It is important to hire a real estate expert witness to assist with the entire litigation situation. able to understand the confusing and complicated matters better than the average person to help increase chances of success.

    Aggressive Negotiation & Litigation:

    Each client of Southmost Realty, Appraisals, & Court Expert Witness receives the full benefit of our combination of professional qualifications. When representing clients in real estate negotiations, we utilize our mastery of real estate development, including land use, zoning issues, development timelines, appraisal of real estate and commercial leasing cost analysis. And, if disputes arise and a lawsuit becomes necessary, our clients benefit from our years of experience appearing in front of the Texas state and federal agencies that regulate the real estate industry.

    Attorneys – Accountants - Financial advisors  – Individuals

    Delivering value to our customers that’s what makes us the only choice.

    Our VERY OWN  Drone Technology Used For our Different Purposes In Real Estate jobs

    One of the biggest appeals of using drones in real estate right now is simply the buzz it brings to the listing, agents said. Drones are new and trendy and raise our agent's profile." setting us apart and shows you're trying to do something different from the pack" 

    Algunos ejemlpos ilustrativos en servicios son:

     Apartamentos,   Evaluaciones de la quiebra,   Evaluaciones para divorcio,  Arbitraje testimonio Experto Valoraciones de Quiebra,  Evaluacion de Negocio  Servicios de Asistencia para el comprador ,  Avaluo Commercial, T areas de Valoraciones Complejas Propiedades de Condominios,  Evaluaciones discretas confidenciales,  Avaluos Comerciales,  Evaluaciones para Tiendas de conveniencia,  Tiendas de Conveniencia & Propiedades del combustible al por menor, Evaluaciones para prestamos convencionales,  Defectos de Contruccion en base a los danos del valor de Mercado, Valores Predeterminados, Juicios de Deficiencia, Evaluaciones de Desarrollo/ servicio de Consulta Fines de Divorcio Valoracion y Consultoria , Analisis de Diligencia Debida, Tasaciones de Servidumbre, Tasaciones de Dominio Eminente y/o Servicios de Valoracion en Litigios de Defensa, Experto De Testimonio en Valoracion de Bienes Raices ,  Servicios de Acuerdo de Sucesion



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